StopRedEye! 1.0

This software helps you correct red eyes on pictures
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StopRedEye! 1.0 is a great application to erase that red color that sometimes appear in someone's eyes when they are photographed. How many pictures have you seen with that bothering red on people's eyes? Well, with this software that won't be a problem anymore. StopRedEye! 1.0 helps users to correct red eyes in a very simple way.
This program is extremely easy-to-use and it is pretty surprising. The application will make you ask how on earth it got to correct the color of someone's eyes without any manual help. All you have to do to correct red eyes is add a photo into the program's main window and then click on the start correction button. Once you did that, you will not have to select where the eyes are. The program will find them and then make the red color disappear.
StopRedEye! 1.0 is not a free program. However, there is a free trial version to test the program by yourself and see if you like it. The trial version will correct the photos but it will display a message on the new photo letting people know that it has been corrected by StopRedEye! 1.0.

Sebastian Fernandez
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  • It supports many formats
  • It automatically corrects red eyes on pictures


  • The price might be too high
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